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This is how you can easily win valuable cryptocurrencies!

Get to know the native blockchain from Infinity Economics in three simple steps. The sponsors and the DAO of Infinity Economics already appreciate the IE blockchain. There is no company behind the blockchain, it is organized completely independently by the DAO. Every user of the blockchain is automatically a DAO member and has a vote in what happens.

Blockchain enthusiasts cannot ignore Infinity-Economics.


Many thanks to our main sponsors, without whom XIN to WIN would not be possible...

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Winning has never been more rewarding!

XIN to WIN Preis

Win at XIN to WIN

Your chances of winning!

1st Price

100'001 XIN

2nd - 5th price

5'999 XIN
plus an original IEcoin

6th - 10th price

1'001 XIN


until August 31. 2021

The knowledge gathered about the native blockchain from Infinity-Economics is even more valuable than any profit. The easy practical experience of how to use the blockchain from Infinity Economics is priceless

Three easy steps

By participating in the XIN to WIN campaign, everyone wins, one way or another. Without any obligations!
Follow the three simple steps below to participate in the benefit.

Questions about the three steps?


Opening a wallet at Infinity Economics is also incredibly fast. Of course it's for free.
However, a wallet is necessary in order to receive a possible price.
You can go directly to the wallet here
Any questions? There are answers here

ieWallet at Infinity-Economics
CPCoin Wallet  at CryptoPerformance

Questions about the Wallet?
Here are the answers


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Now all we have left is to wish you the best of luck.

Many thanks to our main sponsors, without whom XIN to WIN would not be possible...

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Confirm your activities in the XIN to WIN campaign

The fields “XIN address”, “email address” and at least one field for social media are mandatory. The more social media fields are filled in, the better. If you do not have an account with one of the platforms, you can also enter "no account" in the corresponding field.

Questions about filling out the form? Here you can find answers

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Few understand the benefits of a native blockchain

Can this competition make it understandable to me? ... no idea!

One seldom has the leisure to count blocks in chains. But you're lucky, you don't have to either.
Each blockchain script consistently counts all blocks for you. And frankly, it doesn't matter which blockchain you use. A blockchain does this because it was designed to count blocks.

Why a native blockchain should now be particularly trustworthy and why this could be so particularly important for users is one of the points that need to be understood. A certain basic understanding of the blockchain would be really helpful.

Those who take part in campaigns like XIN to WIN are definitely on their way acquiring such a basic understanding.
Acquire a basic understanding with three simple steps, combined with the prospect of winning a whole lot of valuable crypto currencies. That makes it a lot easier to hone your motivation for leisure, doesn't it?

Okay what are you waiting for?

Discover the XIN to WIN competition terms


Successful completion of the form indicates participation in the XIN to WIN campaign

By participating in the XIN to WIN campaign, you accept the conditions of participation, terms of use and the data protection declaration.

Those responsible for the XIN to WIN campaign are ieDAO enthusiasts - ieDAO members are users of the Infinity-Economics blockchain.

XIN to WIN does not offer any of its own products or services. The motivation of the ieDAO with this XIN to WIN campaign is to draw attention to existing products and services from Infinity-Economics.

ieCommunity, an ieDAO member, provides the technical requirements for the XIN to WIN campaign.

XIN to WIN, ieDAO members and sponsors are in no way liable - including negligence - for damage of any kind, including consequential damage, resulting from the use or non-use of the XIN to WIN campaign.

Conditions of participation

In order to be eligible to participate in the XIN to WIN competition, the following steps must be completed:

Step 1: Open a wallet
The participant opens a wallet and is responsible for the secure opening of the ieWallet, including the storage and the reliable and long-term archiving of the passphrase. A won XIN price is transferred to the XIN address (ieWallet ID)..

Step 2: share, like, tweet
The participant is encouraged to share, like, comment or tweet the XIN to WIN campaign on all social platforms if possible.
If XIN to WIN cannot detect any of the required activities on any of the platforms, the conditions are not met.

Step 3: Confirm your activities
The correctly completed form is required in order to declare participation in the XIN to WIN competition and to be able to identify the activities required for the competition.

Terms of Use

Participation in the XIN to WIN competition and its raffle is free of charge and free of any purchase obligation.

XIN to WIN reserves the right to penalize participants in the event of improper participation such as

  • Providing incorrect data
  • Automatically generated entries
  • Technical manipulations
  • Multiple participation

and to award the awards to other participants.

The data provided on social platforms will be used to carry out the competition and will then be deleted.

For security reasons, XIN winners may be asked to confirm their wallet ID. This is especially the case if no movements have yet been made with the winning wallet or if it has a zero balance.

In any case, the participant is responsible for correctly specifying the data, especially the XIN address. XIN to WIN rejects any liability for any incorrect transmitted data.

The winners of an ieCoin will be asked for the delivery address by email after the raffle and will be deleted after successful dispatch.

By participating in the XIN to WIN competition, the email fields required for the newsletter are used for possible replies and transferred to the ieCommunity newsletter list. Of course, an unsubscribe link is included with every newsletter sent.

XIN to WIN reserves the right to suspend the competition in any way. XIN to WIN also reserves the right to change these conditions of participation.

The winners will be informed personally by email in a timely manner, taking into account the conditions of participation. The prices are not transferable.

Prices that cannot be delivered or whose winners cannot be reached within 14 days will be raffled again.

No correspondence will be followed up about the competition and legal process is not possible.

Data protection

Although XIN to WIN endeavors to keep all presented data up-to-date and accurate, no guarantee is given for its correctness, reliability, completeness and topicality. XIN to WIN expressly reserves the right at any time to change, delete or no longer publish content in whole or in part without prior notice.

References and links to third party websites, including the sponsors, are outside our area of responsibility. Responsibility for such websites will be rejected. Access to and use of such websites is at the participants' own risk.

XIN to WIN is based on the Swiss data protection regulations (DSG) and complies with its regulations. All data will only be treated in accordance with the terms of use above, strictly confidential and will not be sold or passed on to third parties

Many thanks to our main sponsors, without whom XIN to WIN would not be possible...

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