Wanted: Guest authors

Write a guest article for the large ieCommunity

Would you like to write either a series or a single guest article for a large community of ieCommunity users? We’re on the lookout for guest contributions from authors and writers who can enrich our ieCommunity Site with fresh viewpoints.

By way of a guest article you can position yourself as an expert in a blockchain-affinity audience. Strengthen the visibility of your website, show your expertise and get real visitors through a link.

The ieCommunity website sees itself primarily as a supporter of all DAO or community members of modern blockchain infinity economics and offers a high-quality, trustworthy environment for your contribution. Members of the DAO are comprised of various institutions, companies and private individuals. Your guest article will remain permanently published on ieCommunity.net as long as the blog remains in existence.

Linking and advertising in guest articles

In principle, guest articles have to be free from advertising. This means that personally owned products or companies may be advertised or presented in terms of content.

As a guest author, you or your company have the opportunity to introduce yourself in one or two sentences in your own avatar at the end of the article you can include a link to your website, an email or social network links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.

Guest article requirements

In order for your guest article to fit into the editorial concept of ieCommunity, it should contain the following topics meet the criteria:

  • Topics: Infinity Economics, Blockchain, XIN, Cryptocurrency, Economy, Career, Education, Legal, or Political 
  • Practically oriented treatise, with actionable tips and background information 
  • Affinity to infinity economics or blockchain in general (we do not regard factual criticism as negative) 
  • Unique content, at least 450 words 
  • Correct spelling and grammar 
  • Formulation in "formal tone" 
  • Active addressing of the reader by "you" 
  • Provide pictures with captions, references and information about the license 

Articles that we believe do not meet these requirements will not be published.

Submit a topic proposal

Do you have something to say and are you interested?

Then we suggest you to send us your desired topic via the contact form below with the following information.

  • Title of your guest contribution, formulated
  • Short information about the planned main points
  • Website of your company or URL of the page you want to link to
  • Mention of the links to social sites you want to link to
  • Desired avatar details
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