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Feature proposal from the IEP

Feature proposal from IEP for 2021 / 2022

User or companies can register their IP rights for patents, trademarks or copyrights in IEP, receive royalties for usage, or exchange registered IP’s
Following use cases will be supported:

  • IP Registry (data, proof of existence, verification)
  • IP Marketplace (buy/sell order IP’s)
  • IP Reward system (payout royalties for usage)

Blockchain has the potential to transform the registration of IP rights by making the process more cost effective, faster, more accurate and secure.

The IEP wallet allows the user to create and store public and private crypto keys on a hardware device or a software wallet.
There are potentially three different solutions to implement and integrate a secure wallet for IEP: 

  • Mobile App (sign transactions remotely)
  • Support for HD wallet (e.g. Nano Ledger)
  • Browser Wallet App (Add-On)

Each wallet will be protected through a PIN.
Every transaction will have to be displayed and signed on the corresponding device or app.
A highly secure and accessible wallet will improve the trust and acceptance of IEP.

Currently the users of Infinity
economics have to relay and trust on the online wallet to interact with the blockchain. Even though the passphrase is never sent to the remote node, a central online wallet acts as a single point of attack and failure. Having an independent node and wallet running locally will improve the overall security.
Following operation systems will be supported:




The security and therefore trust of IEP will be improved when user can install the web wallet/node on their workstation.

Supporting different asset types out-of-the
box will allow organizations and users to
issue tokens. Every asset class will have its own token model and specific settings.
The following new Asset types will be supported:

  • Company Shares/ Equity (Ordinary, deferred and non-voting)
  • Non-fungible or partially-fungible tokens (NFT)
  • Equity Token
  • Stable Coin (Crypto or FIAT collateralized)
  • Securities (Bonds funds

Tokenization has the potential of unlocking enormous amounts of capital that are being kept in illiquid assets from the traditional systems.

  • Create Crowdfunding for an existing token
  • Configure an offering (price, duration, token amount with multiple phases.
  • Define name, duration, cap for each offering phase
  • Create orders by investors
  • Approve orders by an issuer
  • Pause or complete crowdfunding

The IEP Crowdfunding feature will simplify the process of initial token offering.

The Ardor Marketplace is an open decentralized store for digital goods like music, software. You may sell or purchase software, music, video or any other kind of digital good here

  • Create and specify product (view)
  • Create Orders to buy product (dep. Wallet)
  • Cancel order
  • List own purchases

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