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InfinityCoin.Exchange (ICE) and its service

Important update to the Exchange InfinityCoin.Exchange:

The Exchange InfinityCoin.Exchange should not be used as of now and until further notice.

The community survey has revealed that no BTC transfers have been successfully made for months.
The service is no longer responding to any of the requests.


Important to clarify a myth:

Infinity-Economics (IE) has no legal relationship with InfinityCoin.Exchange (ICE).

Infinity-Economics (IE) has no legal relationship with the Exchange of InfinityCoin.Exchange (ICE), despite similarity in name. ICE is also not a project or sub-project of Infinity-Economics (IE).
IE has no influence whatsoever on InfinityCoin.Exchange. And vice versa, of course.

This is not possible only because Infinity-Economics is organized decentralized as DAO. IE is not an association, a company or any other institution. Also, to my knowledge, the legal body DAO has not yet granted been a legal form in any country.

InfinityCoin.Exchange is the first exchange with the trading pair XIN/BTC

InfinityCoin.Exchange (ICE) has as the first exchange in the world to offer the XIN/BTC currency pair for exchange in the summer month of June 2017.
XIN/USD has been announced by ICE for quite some time, but so far it would remain at the announcement.

The InfinityCoin.Exchange is also well suited for beginners.

A not to be underestimated advantage of ICE for beginners is the extremely simple trading platform. The few rudimentary functions leave hardly any possibility to do something wrong.

Since XIN cannot be exchanged with FIAT currencies like Dollar, Euro or sFr. KYC (Know Your Customer) is not yet necessary and is therefore not required during the registration process. This may also speak in favor of ICE.

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Warning: The service is non-existent!

However, ICE is well rewarded for these advantages with excessive fees. In return, the exchange now offers a service that can confidently be described as non-existent.

Observations and comments in chats and social media suggest that withdrawals and presumably also deposits have to be approved manually on an irregular basis and at unspecified intervals.

If the comments are to be believed, it can take months before a withdrawal is credited to the target account. And if nothing is visible in the ICE Exchange account because it is booked out, or because the amount has not yet been booked in, it still does not appear after days, users may have a bad feeling.

The good thing is that so far no documented case is known that transfers have not yet arrived. At least not what ICE would have to answer for. Intentions to defraud look different, that may be said. However, it does not change the irresponsible behavior towards the customer, as a chat member not wrongly emphasized.

The goodwill bonus of being the first exchange is now justifiably gone.

For further experiences, the comment function is open below.

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Infinity-Economics' DAO as a potential problem solver.

The almost non-existent ICE service and the false assumption that IE has anything to do with this exchange is probably the reason why so many people turn to the DAO of Infinity-Economics with their ICE problems. But they will be disappointed if they think they can get real help this way. The real way can only be through ICE's service channel. With the eMail address And yes, this way simply costs a lot of effort, time and nerves.

Nevertheless many advice-seekers arrive again and again with questions to the members of ieDAO, or ask in ieChat's for help concern InfinityCoin.Exchange (ICE). Not only does this result in an annoyed community, but it also puts the reputation of Infinity-Economics in trouble through no fault of its own. Many simply don't want to believe that IE has nothing to do with ICE and blame Infinity-Economics in public chats.

Author's claim: Some are abusing the situation and even deliberately accusing IE falsely. There are a few who do not wish IE well. But this is a different issue.

ieCommunity has become active.

To be fair, it must also be said that probably over 90% of the problems are user-generated problems and cannot really be blamed on ICE. Apart from the incompetent service.

This is probably also the reason why awake members of ieDAO, the alleged ICE problems have taken on and searched for possible solutions and could partly present.

ieCommunity has now collected frequently asked questions about InfinityCoin.Exchange in a FAQ. (German)
Thanks to Christian Thambauer and Johannes Gadringer, who have posted problems and possible solutions in chats in an objective way.

If you have further questions or can contribute to solutions, please feel free to post them in the comments. The people concerned will thank you for it.

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