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If you are interested in the fascinating world of the blockchain scene

If you are seriously interested in the fascinating world of the blockchain scene, then you must also take a closer look at the following top projects. These projects, along with Bitcoin, are groundbreaking in blockchain technology.

The native blockchain Infinity-Economics.

Infinity-Economics is a completely independent native blockchain. Like Bitcoin, Infinity-Economics has no owners and organizes itself independently as a DAO. The big difference, Infinity-Economics already has many additional business-relevant tools hard-coded into the script. Infinity-Economics thus provides a secure base for a wide range of project ideas.
Infinity-Economics is the foundation for anyone who wants to implement project ideas with a true native blockchain. All provided tools may be used freely at any time. Regardless of whom. Just open an ieWallet (free of charge, of course) and you are in.

Create a free ieWallet here

Connections between the blockchain world and the FIAT world.

If you want to connect the blockchain world and the FIAT world, you should take a look at the following two projects. Not only are they exciting and innovative for anyone with an affinity for Blockchain, but it is also particularly beneficial for Infinityans. If you sign up using the ref links attached to the projects below, you will be supporting new ieProjects. All proceeds from these accounts go directly to our shared vision of Infinity-Economics.

Incryptus: The European Exchange with Transaction Participation!

Incryptus will soon go online with a new exchange licensed under EU rules and partnered with a European bank. Besides the high quality technology and high security at Incryptus, you will also benefit from the transaction fees that will be passed on to the users.
In this billion-dollar market, wouldn't it be great to have an exchange where you could participate in the transactions?

Register now for free and without obligation at Incryptus. (Ref-Link)

BlackFort: A 3rd generation blockchain project

BlackFort offers many exciting Web3 projects that give you incredible opportunities. The many extraordinary features of BlackFort actually have the enormous potential to challenge Ethereum. You have to let that roll off your tongue first.
Among other things, BlackFort gives you a decentralized multi-coin wallet that is truly yours alone!
And if you are quick, you can secure one of the max. 304'000 nodes. Not only will you get a lifetime passive income (from transaction fees), but you will also participate in a truly unique reward system for 10 years.
Note: I can highly recommend a node to everyone.

Check out the power of Blackfort right now. It's free of charge and no obligation. (Ref-Link)

Affiliate programs. Only from real services rendered.

If you are interested, both projects offer an affiliate program, which actually deserve the name "affiliate" and are also worthwhile. And the most important thing is that both of them actually make their profits from real services rendered.

Don't just blindly trust an author, do your own research. If you want more sources near information, register with the projects directly. This costs you nothing for the mentioned projects and commits you to nothing.

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