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The ieKernTeam

The ieKernTeam wants to strengthen IE sustainably.

A small group from the Infinity-Economics community, which has comprehended the principle of the DAO, wants to become significantly more active.

Also, the ieKernTeam has realized that the DAO of Infinity-Economics (IE) should not be solely blamed for the stagnation of Infinity-Economics (IE). For example, in 2016, MCW recruited from crypto-affine groups, for future IE. However, little to none, from groups with technical expertise or with business experience.

This created a willing, crypto-affine community, but without nerds and with insufficient skills. The result was a weak ieCommunity with few skills and little substance.

A circumstance that does not make the work of the ieCoreTeam any easier.

The goal of the ieKernTeam

The native blockchain of Infinity-Economics gets a high technical recognition from insiders and experts from the crypto scene.
The ieKernTeam would like to use this existing great potential of the ieBlockchain and make it more accessible to the general public. At the same time, also create sustainable value for stakeholders and thus also ensure the long-term continued existence of Infinity-Economics.

The ieKernTeam assumes that with the implementation of all envisioned ideas, the ieCommunity, users, stakeholders, project operators or new project creators, can profit in the long term in unimagined amounts.

Who is this CoreTeam?

  • They are DAO members who are contributing in the sense of a DAO organization.
  • Who want to make Infinity-Economics visible, also for the general public.
  • Who are eager to support, also organizationally, new projects and features for IE.
  • "Helpdesk. & hub
  • Who are willing to be charitable not only for IE, but also for the whole ieDAO.

What is this CoreTeam not?

  • They are not paid employees of the DAO or IE.
  • They are not professionals or specialists, not a "resource pool",
  • but are in contact with such
  • They do not finance projects
  • They are not sole decision makers, they need the DAO
  • It is not a big team "yet" -
  • but hopes to become one

What does the ieKernTeam offer the ieCommunity?

The ieKernTeam can basically be requested in all matters concerning Infinity-Economics.

  • Consulting and/or execution (programming) of your projects
  • Checking and advising on your project ideas
  • Helpdesk & hub for new features
  • Contact person for technical issues

What the ieKernTeam is currently working on or supporting

  • ieBusinessConcept as a whole
  • Sub-projects of ieBusinessConcept
  • ieEdge (foundation of an association)
  • ...
  • The new Exchange Incryptus

Contacting the ieKernTeam

We look forward for your contacting the ieKernTeam

Telegram Group

Infinity-Economics on Gettr

eMail to the ieKernTeam

Via the form below

Support the ieKernTeam

The members of the ieKernTeam basically work free of charge. Nevertheless, expenses are always incurred. Even for smaller projects, there are always costs that the ieKernTeam has to pay.

The ieKernTeam is definitely not able to handle medium and larger projects on its own. Therefore, we are not only dependent on financial support, but also on ideals and on your manpower.


Financial participation and donations

Donations to the following accounts will benefit ieBusinessKonzept specifically to establish ieEdge.

Bitcoin account (favored by the ieKernTeam)


XIN account


By contributing work and skills.

Marketing, content manager, copywriter, proofreader, webmaster, programmer, lawyer, organizer, etc. are just some of the necessary tasks at ieBusinessKonzept.

We are looking forward to your support!

Are you ready to support the ieKernTeam?

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