You have free capacities?

Support honorable entrepreneurs and strengthen your career anchor with our  «native Blockchain»

In ieKernTeam, we unite great talents into one big native blockchain family. We are so proud to be able to accompany inspiring entrepreneurs and self-employed people on their journey with our native blockchain.

We are constantly moving forward, following Steve Jobs' call:

«Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.»

Our vision

We support entrepreneurs and self-employed people to operate with native blockchain and thereby give reputation that breakthrough it deserves.

What we do

For the experts it is crystal clear, the "native Blockchain" is the future.
With innovative products, we demonstrate this to entrepreneurs, self-employed people and the entire crypto world.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for those crazy personalities who are hungry to implement even crazier things independently, and who can go above and beyond in a familiar environment and give their best every day.

Our Values

In principle, our values are in line with Satoshi Nakamoto's thought of using native blockchain to create a fair world without compromise.


We grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and intellectually to create bigger crypto worlds for ourselves, our customers, the community and the native blockchain.

If the plan doesn't work, change the plan, never the goal


We strive for excellence in all we do,
in health, society, community and family. The aspiration enables us to deliver exceptional results in products and services.

Once I'm old, I don't want to look young, I want to look happy!


With our talents, competencies and experience, we promote fair access to education, information and finance worldwide.
Our results are intended to have a significant positive impact on liberal values.

If you think you can't influence anything positive, it just means you won't!


Prosperity is the basis for independence.
With our work, we would like to convey our prosperity mentality also to our customers, the community
and the whole society.

The universe is inherently rich - and there is always enough for all of us.


Everyone bears 100% responsibility for their area of tasks. Shares responsibility for cooperation, for the success of products and for
the satisfaction of the users.

Responsibility bows down, but does not bend!

Our motto: Not everything works right away. But what never works is doing nothing!

Your benefits

Warm environment





Are you ready to apply for a job with us? Perfect!

One more thing you should know:

The ieKernTeam is not a company and ordinary there is nothing. As a DAO member of the native blockchain, we are at the service of the community and set very high standards for ourselves and our work. We do not have an 0815 mentality.

We orient ourselves on your performance.
That's why we care about three crucial points in your application:


Whether you identify with our mission.


Whether our values really suit you.


And which task you would like to take on.

Step 1: Do you identify with our mission?

It's primarily about the mission.
To serve the entrepreneurs with high-quality products, the users with groundbreaking features and the community with unexpected added value. The consistent application of this strategy should make the "native blockchain" a respected leader in the crypto scene, giving its ideological values the credit they deserve.

At ieKernTeam, you'll help simplify thousands of people's lives, help them regain a big piece of freedom, and help lead them to independence.

Step 1 is fulfilled if you can identify with this mission.

Step 2: Do you identify with our values?






Step 3: Do you accept the challenge?

We are looking for people who are not only smart, but also talented, motivated and positive. People who are looking for the perfect symbiosis between their goals and the goals of ieKernTeam. Being faultless is not a requirement, however. If you join us, you will be surrounded by good colleagues, great collaborators and real cryptoyans who want to take the basic idea of a "native blockchain" to a new level with you.

Which task suits you best?


Help us reach even more members and users of "native blockchain" and develop new campaigns.

We are looking for support, freelancers as well as volunteers.

Some of your tasks

  • Social media management
  • Create PR campaigns
  • Create blog articles


We are looking for part-time support, freelancers and also ie volunteers.

Some of your tasks

  • Website texts
  • White papers
  • Use Case

Graphic / Design
Web designer

We are looking for part-time support, freelancers and also ie volunteers.

Some of your tasks

  • Websites
  • App's

Programming / Development

We are looking for part-time support, freelancers and also ie volunteers.

Some of your tasks

  • Blockchain Features
  • node
  • APIs
  • Wallet

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  • Programming / Development
  •  Miscellaneous / other support
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