The ieBusinessConzept

Infinity-Economics had a hard and rocky road behind it. But with "native blockchain", it has a terrific future ahead.

The path to ie 2.0

The ieBusinessConcept describes the path and is the guide to IE 2.0

Short review to ie 1.0

In 2016, MCW built a large crypto-affine community. As promised, the first basic blockchain script from Infinity-Economics was handed over to it for free use in January 2017. In the same month, the first version of ieWallet goes online and on 13.03.2017 already Vers. 0.4.

Until around August 2018, all the features promised in the whitepaper were implemented step by step. Previously, each individual feature had to be approved by the community via voting. Then, at the end of August 2018, ieWallet gets the version 1.0 b.

After that, the core developers, in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, handed over the script of Infinity-Economics to the ieCommunity for full ownership, as planned. Only then did Infinity-Economics also become a "native blockchain." «nativ Blockchain».

Obstacle DAO.

But the ieCommunity, which from that point on was in charge of itself, remained passive. They knew about the DAO, but very few really understood the principle of the DAO.

At that time, the organization form DAO was much too new. So no one felt responsible. In this initial phase, there was also a failure to tackle projects.

Parts of the community misinterpreted the perceived standstill as a fraud of Infinity-Economics. Protagonists from the community exploited the situation early on for their own purposes. They deliberately used dishonest methods to frighten the community even more. As a result, parts of the community distanced themselves more and more from Infinity-Economics.

The ieKernTeam

A small group from the ieCommunity, which has understood DAO, now wants to become more active.
The ieKernTeam has also understood that the ieCommunity should not be solely blamed for IE's stagnation. For example, while MCW 2016 recruited from crypto-savvy groups, it did little to nothing from groups with technical expertise or with business experience. This created a crypto-affine community, but one without nerds and with insufficient skills.

A circumstance that does not make working for the ieKernTeam any easier.

Logo ieKernTeam von Infinity-Economics

A first step is the ieBusinessConzept

For the way to ie 2.0, a concept is needed.

With the ieBusinessConcept, a first draft was formed by the ieKernTeam, which was roughly presented at the first ieVideoMeeting.

But only the implementation of the concept can bring the desired success!
And yes, only together with the community the concept can and must be implemented.

ieEdge is important for the ieCommunity

ieEdge is the answer to missing central authorities

Partners and users of Infinity-Economics get an accurate contact person with ieEdge. ieEdge is legitimized by votes to execute mandates for the DAO of Infinity-Economics and to speak for the DAO of Infinity-Economics.

Duties of individual ieDAO members (ieCommunity).

DAO members are owners of Infinity-Economics.

Infinity-Economics is a DAO organized blockchain. There are no central authorities in it. Tasks, which occur in any organization, must be done independently by DAO members. Without activity from DAO members, IE remains at the current state.

It is unfair if tasks that benefit the whole community are done only by a few and always by the same DAO members.

Currently we are looking for support for the foundation of ieEdge.

The team cannot handle the tasks involved in the ieBusinessConcept alone. The same applies to the founding of ieEdge

With ieBusinessKonzept, everyone gets the opportunity to get involved and help IE succeed.

Through financial participation and donations

Pool for IE promotion (general)  XIN-8Z9S-PAMP-LXFW-2BT7H
Donations or participation in specific projects, see at the individual projects or in the sidebar on the right.

Through work performance and contribution of skills

Marketing, content managers, copywriters, proofreaders, webmasters, programmers, lawyers, organizers, etc. are just some of the necessary tasks at ieBusinessKonzept.

Are you ready to work with us?

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