The ieKernTeam wants to strengthen the "native Blockchain" of Infinity-Economics sustainably and
to ensure its long-term continuation!

The ieDAO is getting organized!

The DAO of Infinity-Economics is getting organized. The ieKernTeam supports and coordinates activities launched by the DAO and initiates own projects.

Here you can find events, activities and projects coordinated by the ieKernTeam.
Please note the URL and check back every now and then to stay up to date.

What the ieKernTeam is working on


The ieBusinessConzept describes the way to IE 2.0


ieEdge is a strategic part of the ieBusinessConcept

These projects are supported by the ieKernTeam


Incryptus, the new exchange from the crypto community for the crypto community.

There are many and weighty reasons for supporting this Exchange. The entire community of Infinity-Economics has everything to gain.

  • Incryptus promises to list Infinity-Economics' XIN for free on its exchange once 1,000 "Infinityans" have signed up.
  • Incryptus is licensed by European institutions and works hand in hand with an European bank.
  • The XIN will be traded on Incryptus with different cryptocurrencies and at least indirectly with FIAT money in the initial phase.
  • All registrations under referral ID 667 directly support new projects that benefits Infinity Economics. E.g. ieEdge also benefits in a very concrete way.
  •  The community takes ZERO risk with the registration. A registration is not only completely free of charge, it also commits to nothing.

The WIN-WIN-WIN situation can be seen and the arguments are by no means conclusive.

The ieKernTeam recommends Incryptus without any restrictions.

Registration at Incryptus (Ref. 667)

Events of the ieKernTeam

Current events of the ieKernTeam

The ieKernTeam organizes events sporadically and as needed.

Currently there are no events!
Just check back from time to time or use the newsletter of ieCommunity.

Follow also further events outside of the ieKernTeam,
here under Meetings and Events

The ieKernTeam uses the newsletter of ieCommunity for announcements.

The newsletter of ieCommunity

The newsletter of ieCommunity can be used not only by the ieKernTeam for the latest news. The topics of ieCommunity focus on Infinity-Economics, native Blockchain, Blockchain in general and cryptocurrencies.Information is also provided about offline and online events from the crypto scene, as well as ieStammtische, ieMeetings, ieVideoMeetings, etc.

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