The Community of Infinity-Economics 

will soon get the stage we desire

A mouthpiece for all ieconcerned...
As a source for real Blockchain affine...

ieCommunity, a strong news platform with insight
from the DAO, for the DAO,, all for you!


IE is a tool and by its nature cannot really communicate.n.

Nevertheless, updates or changes to the script have to be announced, discussed if necessary, and approved by voting by the DAO, etc.

heCommunity wants to be the connecting voice from IE to the ieDAO.

DAO mouthpiece

Yes, even a DAO has a need to be heard.

Be it companies presenting their project.
Whether it is satisfied or dissatisfied users who are serious about IE and want to exchange ideas in a wider environment.

ieCommunity is a fitting answer to all this.

Experte mouthpiece

There are countless experts under the DAO, on a wide variety of topics.

Internal and external editors, authors and experts, are now offered a fine opportunity at ieCommunity to share their knowledge and experience with an interested, blockchain-affine community.

How trusted members of the ieCommunity
making slogans about Infinity-Economics.

The Futures is yours
Weil Freiheit kostbar ist
XIN is Inn
Grenzenlos mit XIN
So geht Coin heute
Reden ist Bitcoin, Schweigen ist XIN
Freedom is a Choice
Erfolgreiche Menschen hoffen nicht...

A lot of things are already planned or thought about, But ieCommunity lcan be strongly influenced by the DAO, i.e. by you, especially with regard to the choice of topics.

Of course, the future course of development will also be determined by time and financial resources.

A few topics of ieCommunity 

  • Topics about things most people don't know about Infinity Economics
  • But also important things around Blockchain's in general
  • Open, unsparing discourses without taboo subjects
  • Ideology, purpose and meaning of a block chain and of Infinity-Economics in particular
  • Explanatory glimpses behind the scenes of the many ieFeatures
  • Simple instructions for ieFeatures, Exchanges, APP's and Tools
  • which are to be the basis for later ultimate instructions
  • And in order to be able to find a good answer quickly, a glossary and an FAQ should not be missing
  • ....

You like the idea of ieCommunity, as much as we do.
You would like to support the ieCommunity or contribute in other ways to the success of the project

...we really appreciate that!

  • Editors / authors
  • Experts or guest authors
  • Proofreading
  • Translations EN, ES, DE other 
  • Web developer PHP/JavaScript, etc.

and more, are always welcome skills

We look forward to hearing from you.

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If you like what ieCommunity does and you feel capable of translating such texts, we would be very happy if you contact ieCommunity via the form above.

Geniesse es, auf dem Laufenden zu sein!

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