Erster ieStammtisch Europa





First ieStammtisch Europe

Enter your text here..Regional or local ieStammtische have already been successfully organized for some time by committed members of the DAO of Infinity-Economics (ieDAO).

However, the unspeakable Corona measures have made it enormously difficult or even impossible to hold ieStammtische.

Therefore local organizers of ieStammtische, looked for other ways. Instead of "offline" ieStammtische, now a way was found in online ieStammtische in the form of Zoom meetings. Not a replacement but at least a viable alternative

To limit Zoom-Meetings regionally is a waste of resources. So or similarly Wolfgang Pühringer, Josef Maierhofer and others have probably thought and have organized for Thursday 2020-10-12 a first Zoom meeting "ieStammtisch Europe".

What is a ieStammtisch

By ieStammtische we mean Infinity-Economics (IE) Stammtische. So far organized by more active ieDAO members from the respective regions.

Such a ieStammtisch is primarily intended for ieDAO - ieDAO means, are DAO members of Infinity-Economics (ieDAO) - and less for those who do not know Infinity-Economics.

The ieStammtisch is not a whining club, says Wolfgang Pühringer in the introduction. IE is goes a stony path. Just even as the bitcoin did gone for some years. The ieStammtisch is rather a meeting for the exchange of information. To inform ieDAO about IE, about ieBlockchain or about new projects etc.
Such ieStammtische are also so valuable because IE is a DAO. In a DAO, however, there is no central place which would sporadically announce latest information. That means again, information's are in a DAO, a fetch debt. Everyone can fulfill this debt by participating in a ie regulars' table.

ieStammtisch can also be used as a platform for project presentations. Whereby the ieStammtisch, no contact person for the presented projects can be and also does not want.

Projects presentations

As an introduction Wolfgang Pühringer Infinity-Economics once again presented the development from the start. Among them a lot of knowledge, which was already forgotten by many people. Thanks to video, it was nice to see how this refresher has already drawn a recognition smile on the face of others.

Grafik Mainchain von Clemens Stocker

Grafik Mainchain von Clemens Stocker

The main part, the deep technical data of Infinity-Economics, was then taken over by Clemens Stocker. What he showed can only be titled as impressive. Actually, it is clear to everyone, blockchains are small technical marvels. But what Clemens has shown, with beautiful examples, about the technology and the additional features of the blockchain of Infinity-Economics, makes it hard to close your mouth again.

Let it be explained like this. For the question of the Best Blockchain, it would first need the definition of what properties would have to be used for a good Blockchain. For some, it is the price, the level of awareness, or the number of users, etc. For others, it is the technology, the quality, functionality. Of course, also whether use cases can be mapped to the blockchain at all. If so, all types of use cases can be considered.

IE is not particularly brilliant in the former. However, things look fundamentally different in the technical area.

With the technical properties shown by Clemens and the many features built in natively, it is hardly possible for any blockchain known to date to dispute the rank of Infinity-Economics.

For the layman, it is actually almost impossible to grasp what ieBlockchain can actually offer.

The next project negates the claim of the envious that XIN cannot be used anywhere for payments.


The Austrian company Dos Coinway GmbH with its product CoinwayPay is presented by Roman Krainer. He also explains why the use of cryptocurrencies has an almost unimaginable potential worldwide or which of the big players, also from the financial industry, are already using the potential intensively today.

With CoinwayPay, payments with XIN, for example, can be credited not only within a few seconds. The core, payments via CoinwayPay also offers certified legal security and accounting compliance. Without having to pay much attention to currency risks. Roman is not wrong to rave about the CoinwayPay payment system. In fact, CoinwayPay is no longer a theoretical construct. It has been in use for a long time and a large number of merchants are already using CoinwayPay.

Webseite CoinwayPay

With the next project that Tomek presents, there is also a less good news today. Once again it is due to the crazy Corona arrangements.

A paused Infinity Racing project, instead a BlockBook

The racing project also includes a major construction project worth hundreds of millions of euros, which cannot be built at present. Thanks to the Corona measures, the investors have stopped the construction project for the time being. Therefore Tomek did not go into more detail about the project.

Instead, Tomek presents a project which, no wonder, is also due to the Corona measures, although in the backlog, but nevertheless already quite advanced. The project comes from the company Complex Date Security Systems and is an IT technological company.

The new company addresses the fact that 100s of hacker attacks occur every hour, which on average are only discovered after 7 months.

A forecast predicts an increase in the amount of data from today's annual 15,000 exabytes to 250,000 exabytes in the next few years.
He calls it aptly, a digital data tsunami, which rolls towards us.
Just to understand, 1 ExaByte is 100 million GigaByte (GB).

One of the main tasks ahead will be to manage this tsunami securely. For this purpose, the most secure BlockBook in the world has been developed. Tomek says.


The exchange Coinexwo is presented by Josef Maierhofer. Behind the German and English operated exchange of Coinexwo is the company Tomaka Entertainment Limited.

Coinexwo is particularly proud to be the first platform in the world to operate trading software that has been tested for security. The script is thus among the most secure. 2FA, hash code generation and an active fraud alert system, are other security features of Coinexwo. Unusual withdrawal transactions are automatically stopped and Manuel is checked.

Also a big plus, already during registration only the eMail address and a password are required. Complicated was yesterday. Since no FIAT is offered for trading, no KYC verification is necessary yet.

Exciting for investors, via a Coinexwo asset, issued of course at Infinity-Economics, Coinexwo users can also participate in their success.

In this context, unfortunately, must be warned again. In a fraudulent way, the Coinexwo asset is tried to mimic. The correct data on the Coinexwo asset can be compared here.

Coinexwo trading platform (Ref link)

Crypto Performance

CryptoPerformance is also one of those projects that was already discredited in certain circles before the project was even properly announced. Just for reasons of the distribution form. However, as so often from such circles, without any evidence.

Nevertheless, the two founders Giuseppe Rimola and Horst Stäbler always present factual and calm. This was also the case at the first ieStammtisch Europe.

CryptoPerformance operates worldwide and has set out to provide inexperienced users with quick and easy access to the crypto world. So that customers can buy over CryptoPerformance also legally safe into the crypto world, CryptoPerformance has KYC and AML regulated and has procured the financial licenses. This way, users can get cryptocurrencies like XIN with just a few clicks, even without having to bother with complicated exchanges. This by means of credit- debit cards, bank transfers or vouchers to over 100 countries.

Thereby touch CryptoPerformance, no customer funds at. The customers should at all times retain full control over their own assets. For this very purpose, the system has been fully automated.

The CryptoPerformance platform runs, who is surprised, on the blockchain of Infinity-Economics. As is common on blockchain platforms, a custom native coin, the CPCoin, was also created. Including its own CPC secure wallet and its own CPC block explorer. Thus, as usual on ieBlockchain, everything is transparent and verifiable.
The CPCoin acts as a fee token for CryptoPerformance's platform. However, it was not used for an ICO or for big money raising. CryptoPerformance pre-funded the platform without an ICO.

Worth mentioning, also pre-funded is the Advantage program. This provides a really generous interest rate on unused or temporarily stored CPCoin. However, this Advantage program will probably be limited in time.

CryptoPerformance web pages   (Ref link)


The presented projects, which all have to do with the blockchain of Infinity-Economics, point in one direction. Infinity-Economics as a blockchain, is becoming more and more popular. The projects are active and there are more and more.

The ieStammtisch, is also via Zoom a viable way to inform the ieCommunity about projects and news. Even if it can not replace an offline ieStammtisch on site.

Considering the information content of an ieStammtisch, it is understandable if the organizers are a bit disappointed about the low number of participants of just under 120. Reminder. On DAO's, are information's a fetch debt.

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